NIS should have a heart where pensioners’ glaucoma prescriptions are concerned

Dear Editor,
With regard to the Traffic Department and their ban on slogans on mini-buses, I am not against the removal of indecent or suggestive ones, but I question how can this be seen to improve the quality of driving on our roads.

Regarding an NIS requirement referred to by a letter writer for a prescription every three months from an ophthalmologist for pensioners suffering from glaucoma, I am aware of the need for such patients to continue for life with their eye drops. Surely some accommodation could be made for these poor people. Surely, the NIS should have accepted repeats.

Editor, many a law or requirement may be well intentioned, but it does not mean that it has been crafted in stone, and that is why we have precedents. In relation to NIS, I say have a heart; put in systems to guard against fraud but not at the expense of the pensioner.
Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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