The UN and OAS resolutions on sexual orientation are deeply flawed documents

Dear Editor,
I refer the letter by Mr Steve Hemraj (SN 21.2.09) captioned ‘Caribbean countries did not sign the UN declaration on sexual orientation and gender identity.’
Passé rhetoric notwithstanding, both the OAS and UN resolutions are deeply flawed documents that have as their rationale nothing less than the subversion of the national ethos in UN member states. Thankfully, 76 nations refused the UN invitation, for good social, medical, legal and societal reasons.

The illegal nature of the OAS-debacle is addressed in the following report: ‘Submission to the OAS Re June 3 2008 Resolution on Human Rights, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity” (http://www It adequately addresses the subterfuge and duplicity that fuels current gay-rights initiatives.

The strange, even illegal, circumstances that operated to completely sideline submissions or contributions by the church and/or opposing organizations and citizens at this OAS forum is adequately summarized in the press release ‘World Congress of families gravely concerned about OAS “sexual-orientation/gender identity” resolution’ by the World Congress of Families at The following phrase in that report is shocking testimony of illegal political activity at the highest levels:

“According to a Reuters story, members of the OAS met with 20 activists from homosexual groups prior to adopting the resolution. Pro-family organizations were not given an opportunity for input…”

Mr Hemraj’s letter on the UN declaration is doubtless inspired by the latest of Barack Obama’s spectacularly uninformed decisions a few days ago. When philosopher Dennis Altman wrote his ground-breaking book The Homosexualization of America in 1983, he surely did not foresee that a liberal, Black, “most scripted” American president would preside over the writing of its future chapters.

The fallout from that particular piece of ignominy is yet to be determined. It is as if the entire Black community in the USA could not believe its ears, and are still holding their breath days afterwards. America’s liberal media is trying its utmost to remove the announcement, and discussions about it, from the mainstream news.

A stunning amount of evidence, produced by American scholars and scientists, should have militated against Obama’s decision. But, there are none as blind as those who would not see, and Obama is reading from a script only gay militants understand.

The legal, social, medical and societal issues that were completely ignored in the misguided UN resolution are initially addressed in the following report ‘Arguments Against PANCAP and the Decriminalization of Homosexuality’ ( http://www. )

Caribbean politicians, social leaders and clergy must now consider the numerous intersections of irresponsibility and poor judgement that led to leaders like Obama ignoring the available evidence.

With the latest evidence about MRSA (its affinity 19 times over for homosexual intercourse), homosexuality also needs entire medical and social-services brigades to justify its existence, and Caribbean leaders cannot therefore consider the UN Declaration with their eyes wide shut! They must reject it outright!
Yours faithfully,
Roger Williams

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