Alcohol should not have been associated with an event which families were expected to attend

Dear Editor,
Following the recent announcements by DDL to target underage drinking and to enforce laws, it was interesting to see that El Dorado Rum and Carib Beer were proud sponsors of the ‘Bollywood Chutney/Soca Fest,’ which seems to be open for children and families.

Recently, it was reported that the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport rejected sponsorship of an alcohol company for the Mashramani Chutney Competition. It was therefore sickening to see that alcohol was used to promote an event at which families were expected to attend. One  of the criticisms of Guyana’s entertainment landscape is the unavailability of events which are free from alcohol.

Hopefully, DDL will be more considerate about which events they intend to promote and sponsor in their bid to stop underage drinking.
Yours faithfully,
Vidyaratha Kissoon

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