Chocolate, not water coming from the well

Dear Editor,
When I was a youngster attending primary school, I read in The Way To English Book 2, Chapter 5, a fascinating story about ‘The country where people do not work.’ I was really thrilled when I read, “If you feel thirsty and want something warm, you just stoop down at one of the little streams that flow with chocolate.”

How I wished that were really true! But little did I realize it would become true right here in my own village, Johanna Cecilia (and adjoining villages). Here, you do not have to stoop down and drink; it flows directly into your homes from the GWI well! You only have to add sugar if you like!

I am now happy to extend a special invitation to Minister of Housing and Water and, (more especially), Mr Karan Singh, to visit me or any resident and enjoy that chocolate drink which they call ‘water.’ Certainly, Guyana does have something to boast to the world about!
Yours faithfully,
Teddy Ramkissoon

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