Chutney shows should not have been sponsored by manufacturers of alcohol

Dear Editor,
I was struck by the advertisements recently for the Bollywood Chutney show which was held last weekend in Uitvlugt, Albion and Starlite Drive-in. I am a lover of chutney music so I am always interested. What shocked me was when I saw that El Dorado Rum and Carib Beer were sponsors of the event, and that children under 10 years were going to be admitted free. In other words, these events which had their liquor associations were supposed to be family events.

I am from Berbice, and I am concerned about the effects which alcohol has had on our communities. I know that many of the young people feel that they have to drink liquor to socialise, and I am therefore shocked that we continue to host family events, especially in Berbice at which people are encouraged to drink when we need a culture which encourages people to have a good time without alcohol.

I hope that the authorities who are concerned about alcohol consumption in Guyana are taking notice.
Yours faithfully,
Len Singh

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