Rename North Road, ‘Desmond Hoyte Road’

Dear Editor,
December 23, 2009 will mark the seventh anniversary of Desmond Hoyte’s passing. There still is no prominent road, park or important building named after him as far as I am aware. I am not going to harp on the good that President Hoyte did for Guyana. It will only provoke his detractors to action and send them racing for pen and paper.

I think that renaming North Road, ‘Desmond Hoyte Road,’ Street or Avenue, is highly appropriate. It is where he lived and where his widow still resides. “We have to do this for our young people. We have betrayed our youths for far too long. Let us give them a sense of hope and identity for the future. Let us bequeath to them the highest standards of good governance and good national leadership that will make it worth their while staying and living in this country.” Let us demonstrate to future generations that Hoyte mattered.

Only last week Shivnarine Chanderpaul was honoured when the Mayor renamed New Garden Street, from Lance Gibbs Street to South Road, ‘Shiv Chanderpaul Drive.’ Good one Shiv!

As the Mayor posited, “an act of appreciation such as naming a street after a person will remain for time immemorial, and future generations who traverse the street will have mental reflections of the person that was honoured.”
Come on Hammie, do it for Desmond and for your citizens.

Come on Peck, nudge Hammie in the right direction on this one. He may listen to you.
Yours faithfully,
F. Hamley Case

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