No clean-up in Roxanne Burnham Gardens, South Ruimveldt

Dear Editor,
The money has been received; the City Council has begun its desilting and cleaning campaign in (old) Georgetown; the same alleyways and canals that are usually cleaned are once more receiving attention.

Each year prior to Mash the same roads and streets are patched, cleaned and spruced up.
South of the border, Roxanne Burnham Gardens, South Ruimveldt Park and Gardens, are neglected. The alleyways, canals and drains are choked with weeds; anacondas and alligators have taken up residence in them. Roads and streets have become deplorable; flooding is routine.
The areas mentioned have been in that state in excess of fifteen years.

I am certain that the cleaning agenda which has to be submitted to the Office of the President, will not include Roxanne Burnham Gardens and South Georgetown.
May the force be with you, City Council.
Yours faithfully.
C.S. Vaugn, MSM
Major (retired)

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