She always appeared to us to be gentle and shy

Dear Editor
On learning of the death of Mrs Janet Jagan, one phrase instantly sprang to mind “the end of an era”.

I remember Janet Jagan from 1947, when she held her late-afternoon women’s meetings on our high school premises. She always appear-ed to us to be gentle and shy and fond of ice cream.  Whenever the ‘cone man’ and his cart dropped by, she would offer to treat any girl student who happened to be around to an ice-cream cone. Her thoughtfulness continued with her husband’s support staff: at Christmastime, the typing staff were given small gifts.  In 1959, I got a pretty brooch – I still have it and wear it now and then!

She was a capable woman, but I always got the impression she was happier working behind-the-scenes, organising and tying up loose ends; and she seemed to be efficient at this.  An enigmatic woman (to some a controversial figure), whose courage and dedication perhaps only those close to her could fully appreciate.
May her soul rest in peace.
Yours faithfully,
Geralda Dennison

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