The Essequibo ferry service is a nightmare

Dear Editor,
The ferry service to the Essequibo Coast is a nightmare. A car has to be at the stelling from as early as noon one day for the next morning’s ferry. This still does not guarantee you a space on the boat. If you don’t get to go, the next ferry is on the following morning. It is very frustrating and sheer punishment, especially if you’re travelling with your family. This situation is causing

Essequibo to stagnate, and discourages anyone who may want to visit relatives, or do business − or even tourists.
The government wants to construct airstrips at Wakenaam and Leguan, but I would like some of the big ones to take a trip on this ferry and see for themselves how distressing it is. Essequibo has two airstrips, but how many people use them? A trip to the Essequibo Coast and back with a car takes about a week! The newspapers should send reporters to see the large number of vehicles and disgruntled drivers that are left each day. After all, Essequibo is part of Guyana, and at least we should have a reliable and up-to-date ferry service to connect us to the rest of Guyana. Essequibians have been silent for too long on this scourge to our region.
Yours faithfully,
M.S. Baksh

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