An area earmarked for a children’s playground should not be turned into house lots

Dear Editor,

Where else in the world would you find a government taking an area set aside for a children’s playground and turning it into house lots? Only in Guyana can things like this happen.

In Area Q Turkeyen, just east of the Caricom Complex, residents of the community were extremely surprised when workers from the Commission of Lands and Surveys turned up one day at the playground and started driving markers into the ground. Upon inquiry, residents were told that the area had been earmarked for twelve house lots.

In this day and age when our youths are turning to drug and other non-productive activities, one would have thought that much emphasis would have been placed on creating and enhancing sport facilities to keep our young people engaged in meaningful pastimes,but maybe playgrounds are a thing of the past in this dog-eat-dog country that we now live in.

So instead of assisting the residents of Turkeyen Area Q to develop the playground, the government saw it fit instead to turn this green area into a concrete jungle.

This shameless act must not be allowed to happen.

Yours faithfully,
Bryan Mackintosh

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