Janet Jagan was an outstanding patriot

Dear Editor,

Janet Jagan was an outstanding patriot of Guyana who made an immeasurable contribution to the development of our country and to the welfare of all the people.

Many have already and will continue, in the coming days, months and years, to reminisce, enumerate, and catalogue her numerous accomplishments and contributions, including to the health sector and the welfare of women and children.

There are those who have vilified her in the past and since, especially in 1997 and after, some of whom will now come forward with their unctuous tones, to sanctimoniously utter words of praise. We know who they are.

She,  like her husband Dr Cheddi Jagan, has made an indelible mark in the pages of history of British Guiana/Guyana and their names are not only in the chronicles and archives of our country, but in many others, large and small. They stand in the forefront of our heroes, having awakened and built our consciousness as a people and a nation, and Guyanese here and in the diaspora, and people of other nations, will always commemorate and celebrate their memory.

In their lives and careers, they demonstrated the highest moral values, codes and principles, and showed heroic resilience and fortitude in facing up to the vicissitudes of life and in political struggle, which has been vindicated.

No honour is too great to recognize and reward the memory of their fervour, commitment and sterling service.  Their endeavours, struggles and patriotism adds meaning to our National Motto −  One People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Yours faithfully,
John Da Silva

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