The nation has lost an indefatigable fighter

Dear Editor,

It is with great grief and sadness that I pen this letter. Our nation has lost a very strong and indefatigable fighter in pre and post-independent Guyana.  Cde Janet Jagan’s death, while it was inevitable, has caused a tremendous loss to Guyana and the People’s Progressive Party.  Since her arrival in 1943, she stood tall alongside her husband, the late premier and president “the Father of the Nation” Dr Cheddi Jagan.  She was a woman of fortitude and endurance.  She was a devoted mother,  political and women’s activist, journalist, First lady, prime minister, president, etc, and was always there to give guidance and advice to people, regardless of their status.  She was a steadfast champion of the working class, especially women.  The few cherished moments I had with Cde Janet, I always observed that whenever she spoke, she always begin her speech with “we” and not “I.”  I will always remember her for her modesty, humbleness and sincere smile.

As we say farewell to Guyana’s final political icon, I humbly suggest that we emulate her good works and sincerity of mind and live in unity and love for the peace, prosperity and progress of one Guyana.

Yours faithfully,
Mahase Paul

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