The PNCR under Corbin has been reduced to a ‘toothless tiger’

Dear Editor,

Mr Mustapha Alphonso has said it correctly: Robert Corbin should not be contesting the leadership of the PNCR at the congress. Like so many other members and supporters of the PNCR, I am concerned about the present state of our party, which has been reduced to a ‘toothless tiger’ under the leadership of Mr Corbin. While it is true that Mr Corbin has passed through the ranks of the party from the youth arm level, it is surprising that having attained the position of leader he has not sought to build and strengthen the various arms of the party.

In citing an example one can look at the present state of the GYSM which has not been functioning since the last congress. Suffice it to say that most of the members elected at the last congress have disappeared.

Another point to note is the allegations that the Georgetown District elections were manipulated at the last Georgetown District conference. Indeed that signalled the further destruction of the party.

Anyone who is concerned with the rebuilding of our party and attracting back intellectuals such as Vincent Alexander, Andrew Hicks, James McAllister and Sherwood Lowe, among others, would vote for and ensure that an open-minded person is elected as leader of our party. Let us move away from sentiment and face the facts. Our party is at its weakest stage; imagine organizing a protest and attracting a mere thirty to forty persons. Where are the mobilisers and members? How can those persons bent on having Mr Corbin returned as leader not see the further destruction of our party? Are they like some of our citizens who have no vision? I hope not.

I urge members to support and vote for Winston Murray as leader of the Peoples’ National Congress Reform.  The pitch is prepared and ready and I urge Mr Murray to take the crease and bat wisely to rebuild pride and glory within and among the membership of the PNCR. A victory for Winston Murray is a victory for the PNCR.

Yours faithfully,
Garfield Boston

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