Agree on the goals and all sides can compromise on the methods

Dear Editor,

I am responding to Mr Peter Ramsaroop’s article in the Stabroek News (‘The power of our garbage…’ September 22).

I agree with some of the things he said, but there appears to be an underlying political bias, possibly justified to some extent. He seems to let the Mayor and City Council off too lightly in this matter. Also I believe that the PNCR was not very helpful in getting local elections over the last decade. Also, there seems to be a problem giving more money to the city or regions if they appear to be neither effective nor transparent.  If civil society would come together and insist that all parties come to an agreement on the legislation in parliament that supports early local elections, more money and control will flow to these local bodies.

I am very critical, among other  things, of how the Government of Guyana responds to actions by officials and complaints against the security forces. I am also far from satisfied that they have fully explained their overall development plans and what is needed to make them a reality.

I would like to see a group responsible for developing potential projects and another helping to sell and implement them faster with less red tape.  Go-Invest should be putting together investment missions to Guyana including companies like the Tata Group and other such Indian companies to explore opportunities in mining, agricul-ture, transportation, value-added products, etc.

The same could be done with Brazil. The GoG should pay some of their expenses and offer generous tax free holidays and possible partnerships with government and other investors local and foreign.  The proposed hydropower projects, the road from Lethem to a deep water port, potential oil finds, could offer good investment opportunities to these companies. Conglomerates may find more than one investment opportunity.

I feel that we could do more if  problems were addressed in a more non-partisan manner focused on economic development, not as political objectives. People appreciate those seeking common ground and mutual benefit to all.  It’s time to make the Cooperative Republic just that.  Let’s challenge the government, opposition and civil society to sit down, find common ground, develop and progress together. Agree on the goals and we can compromise on the methods.

I appreciate reading constructive criticisms and comments.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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