Have the leaders of the PNCR, AFC not learnt how to get the legislation they want in the National Assembly?

Dear Editor,

I am amused more than frustrated that the opposition parties say that they would be “flexible” on their participation when Parliament opens.  Mr Corbin stated that their participation will be based on the agenda in the parliament: “We will determine as the case arises, from time to time, what is in our most strategic interest.”  Mr Trotman is not sure if he is going back, however, he sees the National Assembly as a place of value, and that the party has a legislative agenda that includes a Freedom of Information Bill as well as questions.

So their agendas for the good of Guyana are held hostage to forcing the government to agree to an international inquiry.  Is it possible that these leaders have not learned how to use their positions and the assembly to get the legislation and questions they want?  The Speaker ruled against the form, not the intent of the motion raising questions regarding the Roger Khan case.  Will the next elections be based on not which party is better, but which ones are worse?  If the Government of Guyana has not made any progress, it looks like neither has the opposition.

Yours faithfully,
N Agustus

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