Those who attempted to save the beached whale are commended

Dear Editor,

The Manatee Conservation Trust Guyana (MCTG) would like to applaud the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries Department, the Guyana Defence Force and the members of the public for their commendable efforts to rescue a beached whale last Tuesday. Their valiant efforts and the resources committed toward this humane act despite the remote location of Almond beach gives great witness to the commitment of Guyana towards the preservation and protection of wildlife.

The death of such a magnificent creature is always a tragic event. However the collaborative effort put forth is very encouraging to all those who are environmentalists and conservationists in Guyana. The paradigm shift from viewing the beached whale as a bounty to be readily consumed is proof of the success of many who work tirelessly to promote conservation and preservation of our world.

The residents of Almond beach, Ministry of Agricul-ture and Fisheries Department and Guyana Defence Force truly set a marvellous example for all who are faced with an animal in need. Once again we at MCTG commend you.

Yours faithfully,
Kathy-Ann Capsan
Manatee Conservation
Trust Guyana

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