Long wait in the licence office

Dear Editor,

The licence office is one of the most difficult offices in this country for conducting business. Anyone who doubts it should go there on a working day; the morning working hours are short and the afternoons are the same thing. It is more difficult for people from Essequibo and Berbice. You go there to register a vehicle, lodge the document, go back one week later and it’s not finished. You then have to travel back and forth. Some people were saying that when the  amnesty finished it would be easier, but it is the same story; there are people who go there and get their business done immediately, which is why the people who join the line cannot get their business finished by the end of the day. The office needs more officials, so that people can get their business finished in one day.

In addition, the place is so hot. In a small place, only the staff air-conditioning works, but where the public stands that unit does not work. The government should put some better system in place so people do not have to waste days there.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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