Can’t get NIS payments

Dear Editor,

I am a self-employed person and I had an accident on January 20, 2008. I was in hospital for six months, during which time my ex in-law was paying my contribution every month until June 2008.  I applied for NIS but was told that I was late; I was also asked to write a letter, saying why I was late in making a claim. This I did, but when I checked back a staff member said that they could not find the letter. NIS sent me a notice that I owed NIS $32,430, plus interest of $2,091 from June 2008 to February 27, 2009. My accident left me with my right foot badly damaged, and up to June it was 17 months since I was able to walk and I have to use a wheelchair. The NIS doctor saw me; she is very good and she told me that after my surgery I must check with her. This I did, but was barred from seeing her.

I cannot see how when I have paid contributions while I was sick nothing has not been done and no money has been given to me.

Yours faithfully,
Joel Ramdeen

Editor’ note
We a sent a copy of this letter to NIS Publicity and Public Relations Officer, Ms Dianne Lewis-Baxter for any comments she might have wished to make and received no response.

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