Project to improve water service to Strathspey and surrounding villages due for completion by end of November 2009

Dear Editor,

Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to respond to your letter, titled ‘No Water in Strathspey pipelines,’ (SN, September 11). 

The project to which the writer referred, is part of GWI’s ongoing strategy to significantly improve the water supply on the East Coast of Demerara.  New pipelines were installed in Strathspey as part of a phased infrastructural development programme to improve levels of service.  

The second phase of works involving the upgrade of the Friendship plant, inclusive of the procurement of a larger capacity well pump to meet increased demand, is currently in progress and is scheduled for completion by the end of November 2009.

Upon completion, this intervention will significantly improve the level of service delivery to the community of Strathspey and surrounding villages.  GWI takes this opportunity to apologize to affected customers and to express appreciation for their patience and tolerance during this period of inconvenience. Please continue to partner with GWI as the company seeks to improve the service provided to the area in the swiftest manner possible.  Customers are reminded that they can receive updates on such interventions by contacting our Customer Service Call Centre on 227-8701 or via the e-mail address  We can also be contacted by way of our website,

Once again, Guyana Water Incorporated wishes to thank your publication for highlighting the problems which affect our customers.  We remain firm in our aim to provide long-term relief to all customers experiencing water supply disruptions across Guyana. 

Yours faithfully,
Timothy Austin
Public Relations Officer
Guyana Water Incorporated

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