The Pro-Chancellor has a right to correct the media

Dear Editor,
I refer to Mr Robin William’s letter in the Stabroek News on October 2 captioned, ‘Fluctuating principles.’

First and foremost, as the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana, Dr Prem Misir has the right to inform and correct the media about their premature conclusions with regard to the Evan Persaud matter. It is within the Pro-Chancellor’s jurisdiction to apprise the public and the media that Evan Persaud, or whoever is in question, is entitled to due process as this relates to Statute 25 of the Acts and Statutes governing the University of Guyana, given the media’s wild excitement and conclusions.

It is important that the early stage of the Evan Persaud matter be understood by the public and the media, and that a conclusion can only be drawn after members of the Special Committee in accordance with Statute 25 rule on the matter.

The members of the committee will comprise five persons who are not members of the university’s Council.

Mr Williams should not associate the Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana with other matters which are not within his jurisdiction, and should instead steer his questions to the relevant authorities.

Yours faithfully,
Marissa Lowden

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