Camp and Lamaha should be site for Cubana monument

Dear Editor,
It is surprising that after all these years and two different governments there is still no monument for the Cubana air disaster victims. My Great Aunt Violet Thomas, her daughter Rita Thomas and granddaughter Sabrina Harripaul died in that disaster. Barbados has a monument even though no Bajans died in that disaster but merely because it happened off St James, Barbados.

If I’m not mistaken a few years ago the M&CC had chosen Camp and Lamaha streets by the railway embankment for the monument now I’m hearing that the Government wants to place it in the University of Guyana compound because of the students that perished along with my relatives. Mr. Prime Minister I’m suggesting that Camp and Lamaha streets is the ideal place for this monument because you have more students, Guyanese and tourists traversing this location than the UG compound at any given day.

Yours faithfully,
Eyon DeMonick

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