– GCB presidential candidates

With only a few hours remaining before the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB) holds its AGM and election of office bearers the two presidential candidates, Chetram Singh and Bishwa Panday, have both taken the same stance where decorum is concerned.

Contacted for a comment by Stabroek Sport both the incumbent Singh and the challenger Panday are of the view that… “May the better person win.”
The incumbent,who has decided not to go public with his thoughts or slate is of the firm view that when the votes are counted and the victor is declared he should then announce his plans for forwarding cricket in Guyana.

Singh said that while he has a strong slate he prefers to withhold his comments as the elections are just a few hours away.
Singh who has been at helm of the GCB for 18 years, is being challenged by secretary of the GCB, Panday, who earlier this week released a thirty-one point plan to, in his view, put cricket back on the track that it belongs.

The election is scheduled for 1pm today and will be preceded by the Biennial General Meeting at 10am at the Guyana Cricket Club (GCC) board room.
According to Panday, he has put forward a slate of professionals who have distinguished themselves and who can assist in rebuilding cricket in Guyana.
Panday added that if elected the public will see immediate steps being taken to get the game back on stronger footing.

The elections will see members of the three county boards, Essequibo, Demerara and Berbice casting their votes in favour of either of the two candidates. Insiders say Panday has the backing of Berbice, while the Demerara board  is behind Singh.

The Essequibo executives are understood to be playing their cards close to their chests and it is understood that they have not made a public commitment in favour of any candidate.
The three boards combined have twenty-seven votes and for one to be elected president they need a minimum of 14 votes.

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