Police called in as Bentley blocks race from pedalling off

Just one week after they were in a spot of bother over a decision to say which race must be run off on a particular day, the Guyana Cycling Federation (GCF) has found itself again in a spot of bother.

Yesterday, the National Park was in an uproar and the police was called in as Jude Bentley, a cyclist who was banned by the GCF for one year for disorderly conduct at the 2006 Commonwealth Games in Melbourne, Australia, prevented a feature race from pedalling off.

All of the events on the National Sports Commission card were completed except for the feature event over 36 laps.

When the event was about to start apparently Bentley was told that he could not participate.

He was told that even though he had served his one year ban, he was still to pay the fine of $20,000.

It was at this point that Bentley placed his racing bike sideways at the starting line thereby preventing the race from starting.

The Police was subsequently called in but said there was nothing they could do as the issue was a matter for the GCF.

Bentley yesterday told Stabroek Sport that the GCF was waging a personal attack on him.

“The GCF used a ruling from International Cycling Union (UCI), which stated that a cyclist can be fined a minimum of one month or a maximum of six months with no fine. They however, went ahead and fined me a sum of $20,000 along with a one year suspension.

“I was accused of being indisciplined as well as soliciting women whilst we were in Australia. Both accusations being falsely made against me, but they still went ahead and fined me. I made an attempt to pay the fine and was told that it has increased 100%, but I am being given a 50% rebate. But nobody would take my money.”

“When they did take it, I was still refused permission to ride, with the GCF president telling me I can go to the line, but the starter refused me permission to do so, saying that the GCF president had ordered him not to do so.

 “Last year I approached the GCF, asking whether or not I can ride, as I had already paid my money and should be permitted to do so. But all they kept on doing was giving me the royal run around so I asked for my money to be repaid to me, which they did,” said Bentley.

Contacted for a comment, president of the GCF Hector Edwards stated that persons were not aware of the actual facts of the situation involving Bentley and the GCF.

“For some strange reasons, persons are being misled and therefore they are not aware of what is causing the bad blood between the GCF and Bentley. After riding under the auspices of the GCF in 2006, he went and obtained a license from the Trinidad and Tobago Cycling Federation (TTCF) the following year, thus relinquishing all ties with us.

“Apart from that, he has been abusive on more than one occasion, towards the executives of the GCF including the use of threatening remarks and promises to damage personal items belonging to the executives.

“Just last year, our assistant racing secretary, Malcolm Sonaram, had to file a complaint at the Sparendaam Police Station, after Bentley threatened to damage his vehicle,” said Edwards. “He also made slanderous and threatening remarks towards me on more than one occasion in the eyes of the public, but I ignored him. If he needs to remonstrate with anybody, he should be doing so with the TTCF, under whom he is licensed to ride and is not being permitted to do so.”

When asked if Bentley had made an application to ride under the GCF again, Edwards stated that there are certain conditions that Bentley has to meet in order to do so and he has not met those conditions as yet.

“The GCF makes a decision as a committee and not a one man show. We have certain guidelines which we set out before we issue our license and Bentley has not met those conditions as yet. That is only one reason, there is still his behaviour pattern that needs to be monitored and taken into consideration.”

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