Pioneer Construction/LABA Senior Club Championship

By Rawle Toney

Second round action in the Linden Amateur Basketball Association (LABA) Senior Club Championship is set for tonight at the Mackenzie Sports Club Hard Court with a double header which should be interesting.

Amelia’s Ward Jets are set to face Alleyene’s Retrieve Raiders while the Victory Valley Royals will come up against the Patriots.

The Jets have lost their two previous matches in the league so far while the Raiders are yet to win a match. This will be a perfect opportunity for the Jets to bounce back since the last time the two teams met the Jets blew away Raiders by a considerable margin.

Everything is in the Amelia’s Ward  team favour as they are equipped with more seasoned players while their counterparts have a young team but basketball is a game with some uncertainty so both teams will be coming out to play hard.

Kevin ‘Two Feet’ Joseph, Neil Simon and the young Akeem Kanhai are expected to be the strike force for the  Jets.

The Royals in the second round of the competition have been playing decent basketball and will be aiming to continue their good run so far. With their key player Dwayne ‘Brown Sugar’ Roberts in good form, they have been able to upstage the Jets who had beaten them in the first round.

They are now tied atop the table with 12 points just like the Jets while the Wismar Pistons are on 11 points and have only lost one game so far.

The Royals tonight will face the Patriots who are still to find some flow in the tournament but with the Royals playing well, this might not be an easy task.
Jump ball time for tonight’s game is 7:00 pm.

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