DCC executives express disappointment at Mavericks no-show

The executive committee of Demerara Cricket Club (DCC) has expressed their disappointment at the failure of Mavericks Cricket Club (MCC) to put in an appearance for their scheduled Zone A sixth round clash in the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB)/ Gafoors sponsored first division 20/20 competition last Friday.

President of the Queenstown-based club Alfred Mentore told Stabroek Sport that he is appalled at the attitude displayed by the West Demerara-based team, whose head is none other than secretary of the GCB Anand Sanassie.

Mentore, who is also president of the Georgetown Cricket Association (GCA), stated that his club put in a lot of effort towards hosting the fixture and he labeled  MCC’s actions as a retrograde step towards the development of cricket in Guyana.

“This is not so much about the cricket but the principles behind it. When a club is being given notice to host a game, a lot goes towards preparing not only the ground but also the facilities inside the club house to ensure the visiting team is comfortable.”

“We are talking about first division and not school boy cricket here. Such actions push our cricket backwards two steps even as we are trying to propel it forward at least one step and the same needs to be eradicated as soon as possible,” said Mentore.

Mentore is hoping that such an occurrence would not be duplicated by any other team in the tournament so insularity in local cricket can be eradicated.

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