GCB head says Stuart is still the TDO

“As far as I am concerned he is still the Territorial Development Officer (TDO) of the Guyana Cricket Board (GCB),” says president of the GCB Chetram Singh.
In an invited comment Singh told Stabroek Sport that former Guyana and West Indies fast bowler Colin Stuart had never resigned from his position of TDO with the GCB.

“I had a meeting with him sometime in February but he did not mention anything about leaving the position. In fact, I only knew about him resigning in the newspapers where I read it. I spoke to him one month ago and he did not outline anything of that nature to me.”

Singh, who defeated former secretary of the GCB Bishwa Panday in the last elections held in January, stated that while a letter of resignation was tendered by Stuart, and was read at the last statutory meeting of the GCB, Stuart has been on the job functioning as TDO.

“I spoke to him up to this morning (yesterday) and he never indicated to me that he is leaving the job. His letter was tendered and read at our last statutory meeting but that is procedure and even when we spoke this morning Stuart never mentioned anything about relinquishing the post,” Singh said.

“At the moment, he is executing his duties and that alone tells me that he is still on the job.”
The GCB head and longest-serving West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) director echoed the sentiments of his vice-president Bissoondial Singh, who in his claim for Stuart to rescind his decision, outlined that he is a rare asset to any local cricket board.

“His (Singh’s) comment on Stuart was sound. Indeed he is a rare asset to any cricket board with him being a former Test player and also a graduate of the University of Guyana” (UG). “And yes we would do anything to ensure that Stuart stays on as the TDO of Guyana cricket, even though we have not heard anything from him in connection with his concern,” Singh further stated.

Stuart had earlier told Stabroek Sport that he had tendered his resignation letter, giving the GCB the required one month’s notice sometime in February and while he has no bones about continuing on in the position, he would only do such if certain conditions are met by the GCB.

The 35-year-old Stuart took over the position in June of 2005 from another former Guyana and West Indies off spinner cum chairman of selectors, Clyde Butts.

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