Overhaul for players match fees coming

The West Indies Cricket Board disclosed on Friday that it has submitted “a comprehensive broad-based proposal” to the West Indies Players’ Association to restructure all aspects of players’ salaries.

“The new WICB proposal not only embraces players’ salaries, but it also introduces a new category of West Indies player called ‘rookie’, where special rookie contracts will be offered to first time West Indies players,” a news release from the WICB said.

The WICB acknowledged that there was a disparity between the fees for international players and those in the regional competitions, but stated that they were committed to making a significant improvement.

“The proposal currently before WIPA represents a broader WICB commitment to players emoluments which is itself a component of the new thrust to ensure an enhanced relationship with WIPA,” the news release added.

“The new WICB proposal includes, among other things, the allocation of some 22 per cent of the its annual revenue to players’ salaries, the provision of retainer contracts for all first-class players, and an increase in the match fee for first-class players from US $300 to US $1,000.

The WICB noted it would now allow first-class players to join and benefit from membership of the Players’ Provident Fund, with contributions from the WICB.

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