Murray says no to talk of “secession”

BRIDGETOWN, Barbados, CMC – Deryck Murray has emphatically dismissed the idea of Trinidad & Tobago seceding from West Indies.

The President of the T&T Cricket Board does not believe it is a good idea and believes it is very impractical.

“Through the years, we have had so many people that have put us on the map and at the pinnacle, and anyone who thinks of breaking that up, needs their heads examining, and should really be certified,” said Murray in a pre-recording of the Newsmakers current affairs programme to be aired this coming Sunday on CMC’s regional television channel, Caribvision.

Murray acknowledged the idea may have gained some traction elsewhere in the Caribbean, but he hoped that it did not in T&T. The idea was first mooted by Forbes Persaud, chief executive officer of the T&TCB, following the territorial board’s decision to boycott the recent annual general meeting of the West Indies Cricket Board in Antigua.

“I think the remarks of our chief executive officer were taken slightly out of context, and blow into something that it is not,” he said.

“I do not see it happening, even in practical terms for us to go and join a queue with teams like Bermuda, Afghanistan, and others.

“We could probably beat them, but for us to become accredited for One-day International status, we would have to beat them and a whole host of others. . .It would be – at best – another 15 years before we could even get close.”

Murray noted that Barbados had harboured similar thoughts almost five decades ago, and this attempt failed miserably.

“It proved to be stupid then, and to try something like this would be even more stupid now,” he said. “It is a no-no, and I will not be entertaining any further discussion on it at all.”

Murray concluded that West Indies cricket has had a rich legacy of over 100 years and every effort should be made to preserve it.

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