Players won’t look forward to central contracts’ – Pietersen

Kevin Pietersen has joined the growing band of players voicing concerns over the gruelling international calendar and said that with lucrative IPL deals on offer, they would not be as keen to accept central contracts from their boards.

Last month Andrew Flintoff rejected an England contract to concentrate on a freelance career, playing for the IPL and other clubs around the world. Pietersen, one of the most bankable England stars after Flintoff – he just landed a hefty contract to endorse Brylcreem – has been talked about as the most likely player to follow in Flintoff’s path.

Pietersen, who is recovering from injury and hoping to make England’s tour to South Africa, said Flintoff’s situation was different from his but admitted that franchise cricket was tempting to players. “Freddie’s in a different position to me because he’s finished his Test career, his body is sort of finishing itself off,” he told the Observer. “He puts such a workload through his legs and his knees and his ankles. I’m just a batsman. I love scoring runs for England. I hate being out injured. I’m not going to make a sob story out of it, because I just want to try and recharge my batteries after five years of a rollercoaster ride. (Cricinfo)

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