Wednesday, October 28

Trinidad and Tobago vs Jamaica at Providence – V Bullen, D Somawaru (Standby: Clancy Mack)

Windward Islands vs CCC at Everest – N Malcolm, L Kelly (V Johnson)

Barbados vs West Indies Under-19 at Bourda – G Greaves, K Barrsingha (C Duncan)

Guyana vs Leeward Islands at Enmore – P Nero, L Abraham (D Holder)

Friday, October 30

Windward Islands vs Trinidad and Tobago at Uitvlugt – C Mack, V Johnson (D Somwaru)

CCC vs Jamaica at Bourda – C Duncan, D Holder (K Barrsingha)

Guyana vs Barbados at Albion – P Nero, L Kelly (G Greaves)

West Indies Under-19 vs Leeward Islands at Providence – L Abraham, V Bullen (N Malcolm)

Saturday, October 31

Jamaica vs Windward Islands at Enmore – D Somwaru, K Barrsingha (V Bullen)

Trinidad and Tobago vs CCC at Everest – G Greaves, V Johnson (L Kelly)

Leeward Islands vs Barbados at Uitvlugt – C Duncan, N Malcolm (P Nero)

Guyana vs West Indies Under-19 at Bourda – D Holder, C Mack (L Abraham)

SEMI-FINALS (day/night)

Monday November 2

Winner of Zone A vs Runner-up of Zone B at Providence – officials to be announced

Tuesday November 3

Winner of Zone B vs Runner-up of Zone A at Providence – officials to be announced

FINAL (day/night)

Thursday, November 5

Winner of Semi-final 1 vs Winner of Semi-final 2 at Providence – officials to be announced.

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