Two Plays One Night for Theatre Guild next weekend

Local actor turned playwright Errol Chand will direct and play the lead role when his play, Two Plays, One Night opens at the Theatre Guild next weekend.

Two Plays, One Night, are two one-act plays which Chand wrote a few years ago and according to him, “the time has come to put them out there”. He said the plays take a serious look at the local society and tells two stories with characters that are familiar to the ordinary person.

He explained that the first play is called, Steven Hillman, Welterweight Champion of Guyana, and it chronicles the story of an amateur boxer who was growing up in a tough neighbourhood then falls on drugs after a rise to the top of his weight.  The other is Influence, which deals with day to day troubles and how people struggle to overcome them.

Known in musical circles as ‘Seven’, Chand had previously produced two plays that debuted at the National Cultural Centre – Shattered and Flawed.

Chand told The Scene that he recently formed a new group called Majesty Entertainment and is working on reviving local theatre. He said the decision to hold this new play at the Theatre Guild was taken because that venue is more intimate and it will allow the audience to feel more at home with the performers on stage.
The cast for Chand’s new play are mostly fresh actors; new talent. But they are impressive according to him, and a “young cast that is dedicated”.

Tickets for the show range between $600 and $800 and it runs for three nights from January 30, 31 and February 1.

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