Little African set to ‘Move On’

After years of shifting between Guyana, Suriname and his native Jamaica, singer Little African is heading back home to get serious with his music and take it to another level, but he is going out with a farewell album launch.

His album, ‘Move On’, signifies a career move as Little African recently signed  contract with the celebrated VP Records in Jamaica and is poised to make his debut as a new voice in regional reggae.

The singer said in an interview earlier this week that the title of the album also points to his music and the level to which it has matured within the past few years.

“Little African and his music is advancing and that is what the album suggests… it speaks of my progression as an artiste and it is my hope that in another few years or sooner, my music will be out there reaching people,” the singer said.

Little African got noticed here back in 2007 after he recorded the hit, “Playing Games” with singer, Fojo. He wrote the song and had originally intended to collaborate with a female Jamaican artiste, but ended up working with Fojo.

He described the tracks on the new album as being “mostly positive vibes” saying that his music is conscious and clean.

Though he has been singing for a while now there has been no definitive moment in his career to date, but he sees the new hook-up with VP records as a launch pad to bigger things.

It was only a few months ago that he sent his album to the recording studio hoping for the hook-up and got his wish. He said the management team at the company liked what they heard and they contacted him to be onboard.

Little African asserted that he is only saying a short farewell to Guyana since here has become a second home. His connection to Guyana is through a grandmother who resides at Victoria, East Coast Demerara. He said that the East Coast people have long supported his music and because of that the album will be launched at the North Point Guinness Bar at Enmore.

He said that persons in the city have never really embraced him saying that this could be due to the fact that they do not know much about him. Little African feels that this could all change in a few years.

Besides working with Fojo, he collaborated with Jamaican Jah Cure but pointed out that that song is yet to be released.

The album, ‘Move On’ will be launched on March 28.

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