What the people say about…Merging Bourda and the GFC

Samuel Roberts, public sector

`It’s something good they are doing because they already have the stadium. There is no where football is played. It is usually done at the stadium and that damages the pitch for cricket. They can still call the place Bourda but it won’t be Bourda ground for cricket anymore. You could call it Bourda Sports Club. The extra space will draw more fans too unlike at the Stadium which is out of town.’

Kishan Persaud

`From ancient days when you talk about Bourda you think bat and ball you don’t think football. Football is good but cricket is more popular than that. Playing football there is erasing cricket in a sense. I don’t think it’s a wise idea. You can take that to Providence which can accommodate it more.

Old story thing you don’t forget those things look at what they did with the New Amsterdam Hospital. Even if you don’t use it like before keep it and do something else with it. It is a marker. It’s history when your children grow up you take them and show them their history and tell them what match was played in your time.’

Jamal Sears, private sector

`I have never been to a cricket match at Bourda but I think it is a great idea because we already have the stadium for cricket and I think too that it will enhance the sport of football and track by bringing in more fans.’

Janell Cameron, student

`It is a good idea because we are not using it for cricket any more. Instead of it being left idle you can extend and have it used for those purposes that they have planned. I know that by expanding it there will be better facilities for players’.

Chandrowtie Persaud, student

`Yes I think it’s a good proposal because it would help to develop football and track as a sport especially in Guyana where we don’t have facilities which I believe can help youngsters who have the ability or talent in those sports.

I think as an opportunity cost you give up the historical significance of the site but on the other hand you gain something in the modern facility to help the sport.

Boyo Persaud, businessman

`First thing, you don’t have parking space so it’s a location that won’t work. In anything you do you need parking. Money can build anything but you need parking. People will come if there is parking. If you had 20,000 people going there and 10,000 had cars where are they parking?’

Orin Phoenix, private sector

`I think it’s good because we already have Providence for cricket. I think it will be good because we don’t have a synthetic track. We had enough of cricket at Bourda and a new field would be good. ‘

Akeisha Paulsingh, private sector

`I am not that into sport but since they have not used the Bourda ground and if it can be an enhancement for track and sport and it will help athletes then why not go ahead with it? Cricket is being played mostly at the stadium anyway.’

Onika Callender, public sector

`Yes I think it’s a good idea because it’ll improve the two sports. Maybe it’ll have entertainment at Bourda with the new changes. Some people might see it still as Bourda ground some might not, for me it’s still Bourda but it’ll be known now for football instead of cricket.’

K Persaud, public sector

`I think it’s a good thing to be out of town to facilitate the easy flow of traffic and at the stadium can cater to people from all over the country without the hassle. Also football and track will have more access to the ground for football and practice.  ‘

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