Shot block-maker denies $5M break and enter larceny

Roger Bumbury, 39, of 93 E North Sophia, is alleged to have broken into the Prashad Nagar storeroom of businessman Deoram Singh. It is also alleged that he stole seventeen items, valued at $5,326,000.

The act allegedly occurred on March 17, with Bumbury carting off a grass cutter, a chain saw, 25 rolls of mining hose and a welding plant, among other items.

Clad in a vest and short pants, a visibly emotional Bumbury declared his innocence to the court.

He said that he was out late “sporting,” and on his way home at 4:45 am, while passing through Pike Street, he saw Singh and another man harassing a female.

While passing, he reportedly told them that “they should leave people girl children alone.”

He said that it was this statement that angered Singh, who is alleged to have been intoxicated at the time.  Singh reportedly told him that “they run things” then shot him four times about the body. Bumbury was adamant that Singh shot him out of spite. He showed the court his wounds and said that the bullets are still lodged in his body.

Singh, a licensed firearm-holder, told the court that he discovered Bumbury in his yard and shot him.

After this, Bumbury scaled a fence, and make it to an alleyway in Manipold Street, where he was found by the police. When asked if any of the items were discovered, Singh said no and that Bumbury had loaded the said items in a car.

An emotional Bumbury in answer said that it was impossible for one man to move so many articles and for none to be found on him, when he was shot 4 times.

The prosecutor told the court that Singh had found the defendant in his yard armed with a cutlass.

Bumbury approached him in a threatening manner thus Singh fired the shots at him but he was able to make his escape to an alley in Manipold Street.

The magistrate advised Bumbury to get a lawyer but he said he is a poor man and could not afford one.

The matter was transferred to court two for April 16.

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