AFC interest in sugar industry dispute bogus – PPP

The PPP said it believes the Alliance For Change (AFC) is an “anti-workers party” and its interest in the industrial relations issue in the sugar industry is “a cheap political act aimed at destabilizing the sugar industry.”

In a press release the party contends that the AFC is not concerned with the conditions of the workers, rather, it is “trying to insert itself in a purely industrial situation to use it against the workers while proclaiming their concern for them.” It said the AFC has joined the opposition chorus calling for the industry to be closed down and only recently in Parliament it had displayed hostility to measures government had taken to help the industry realize its turnaround plans.

The PPP said like the PNC, the AFC has always shown strong opposition to government projects geared at improving livelihoods. It said the party was against the building of the stadium, the building of the Berbice River Bridge and “they are part of the attack on the Low Carbon Development Strategy.”

The ruling party posited that the AFC seems to believe that its fortunes would improve if it succeeds in halting the development process. It said too in this case the AFC is trying to use workers for its selfish agenda and it remains sure that workers will see through these manoeuvres and reject their efforts.

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