Businesses should report undue delays at Customs – GRA

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) said persons who are dissatisfied with the service received when clearing goods at Customs should seek redress at the Tax Exemption and Processing Verification Unit.

In a press release Commissioner-General Khurshid Sattaur said despite the many changes Customs has made through the commitment of management and the approval of the Governing Board it continues to receive complaints from concerned citizens and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce about extended delays in the process.

The Commissioner-General said he believes that there must be some merit to the complaints and as such concerned citizens should seek redress from the acting Senior Manager at the Unit Gavin Lowe, Deputy Head of Customs and Trade Administration Robert James or GRA Deputy Commissioner-General Clement Sealey. He said too with the improvements at Customs it now takes three working days to process entries and goods. Further, he said 99% of the goods are cleared within this timeframe with only about 10 containers being subject to examination under the cameras weekly. “These efficiencies must be highlighted,” he said.

Sattaur said the organisation uses its Risk Profiling System to determine the degree of risk a particular consignment poses to revenue and consequently the extent of the examination necessary. “Where there is proper and adequate documentation, the process is a swift one,” he said. The Commissioner-General said businesspersons who believe they have been targeted can seek recourse by writing to him, giving specific details including the name of the officer who handled the case, the name of the wharf and all other details pertaining to the transaction so that timely and appropriate action can be taken.

Sattaur encourages businesses to report incidents that concern them so that the GRA can address them and discipline officers who disrupt processes at Customs. The GRA is committed to modernising its Customs operations and to addressing any lack of transparency at the office.

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