Anderson’s Ribbons Series being shown at international gallery

The Ribbons Series of paintings by Guyanese artist Carl Anderson will be exhibited at the International Visions Gallery from April 29 to June 12.

According to a press release the Series is an exhibition of contemporary paintings that features the artist’s signature “ribbons” of colour contrast light against darkness to create motion in two dimensions.

“The movement and dimension in Anderson’s work evidence a strong influence of Kinetic Art and Op Art,” it said. The release said the first part of the exhibition features “bold geometric forms generate energy through vivid color and pulsating patterns. These kaleidoscopes are symbolic of life’s passageways.”

Anderson’s second set of work diverts from this geometric style, but maintains his characteristic precision through photo-realism. He said, “My work expresses on a two-dimensional surface images that portray a complex universe…blending color, light, life and the female form into a unifying theme of the cosmic.”

Anderson was born in Georgetown in 1964. He studied Fine Arts at the Burrowes School of Art. His works have been exhibited across Europe, in the Mediterranean, Latin and South America and the USA.

His paintings have been mounted at Cairo’s National Museum of Modern Art, at the Malta and International Art Biennial and at the National Art Gallery.

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