Engaged couple on bike tour of the Americas

Harry Kikistra, 39, of the Netherlands and his fiancé Ivana Coria, 34, of Argentina have been touring countries in the American continent since July 2008 and they recently entered Guyana through the border at Brazil.

Harry and Ivana as they set off on their trip to Suriname.

Stabroek News spoke with the couple last week as they passed through Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice on their way to Suriname. They parked their bikes, which were fully loaded with their travelling gear, as they visited Mc Donald’s Snackette to grab a quick bite. They also took time off to pose for photographs with a fan, Melissa Chattergoon, and to give this newspaper an interview.

They journeyed to Georgetown onboard a bus after arriving at Lethem and spent a few days in Georgetown enjoying the Guyanese culture.

Last Tuesday while on their way to Berbice they stopped at a house at Mahaica where they “pitched our tent” on the lawns that were beautifully decorated with flower plants. Ivana told this newspaper that the owners were very nice and hospitable and even invited her to cook in their kitchen.

The following morning they continued their journey in a heavy downpour.

They loved Guyana and were sorry they had to leave. After leaving Suriname they would head to French Guiana before making their way back to Brazil. From there they are planning to go “through the Amazon all the way to Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and other countries.” The journey is expected to conclude in 2011 in Ushuaia, the Southeast city in Argentina.

They told this newspaper that despite persons warning them that the trip would be dangerous they had not encountered any problems. Harry wears the hats of a “climber/expedition leader/ photographer/filmmaker/ producer/writer/public speaker and many other things that have to do with sharing the beauty of the outdoors.” He had “climbed the seven continental highpoints and has travelled a lot and will not stop soon…”

Ivana, a psychologist turned bike traveller has already cycled around New Zealand and from Malaysia to India, through Turkey and in Italy. She and Harrry met in Tibet during her Asian cycle tour and while Harry was climbing Mt Everest. They got engaged two years later; three weeks before they commenced the present tour.

They could be followed around on their tour at Harry’s website:


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