Psychiatric patient drowns in trench

The nude body of an inmate of the National Psychiatric Hospital at Fort Canje was discovered floating in a trench in the compound around 8:30 am yesterday.

Reports are that the inmate, Ramesh Singh, 54 of Lot 4 Sand Road, New Amsterdam slipped into the trench and fell around 7 am after he had apparently gone there to take a bath. Sources believe that Singh, who has been institutionalised for the past 16 years, suffered a bout of epilepsy at the time and went under.

Staff at the facility discovered the body floating in the trench around 8:30 am and raised an alarm. The police and the administration were subsequently informed and undertakers removed the body around 9:30 am.

Police sources said there are no marks of violence on the body and are treating it at drowning. Stabroek News understands that patients would normally go the trench early in the mornings to take baths.

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