Charlotte Street armed robbery foiled yesterday

Police were grilling employees attached to Lambert’s Trading yesterday following a botched robbery at the Charlotte Street business place.

Two employees of the company attempted to execute the robbery, but failed after an alarm was raised and the police promptly responded. One of the men was shot reportedly by his accomplice during the robbery attempt and was later transported to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he was being treated for his injuries.

Details of what transpired were sketchy yesterday, but there are reports the two men detained were aided by another member of staff. Police recovered the gun the men used and this newspaper was told that the firearm is licensed to someone close to the business.

It was around 4.30 pm when the robbery attempt was made. It was reported that one of the men was seen hanging around the Charlotte Street area prior to the robbery and was even chatting up persons in the area.

A resident in the street told Stabroek News the man was not working at the time, but was “on sick leave.” However, he was in the area yesterday and hanging around the business premises.

The man then entered the building some time later, around the time the staff were reportedly preparing to close up, and his accomplice joined him.

They held the staff at gunpoint and demanded cash. A resident in the vicinity realized what was happening and immediately alerted police ranks who were on patrol in the area. The police responded and called for back-up.

They confronted the men, but at that time one of them had been shot and was lying injured on the floor of the building.

The other man was on the roof of the building attempting to escape. He leapt from the top of the three-storey Lambert building onto the roof of a neighbouring building and attempted to run, but was eventually cornered.  Reports are that he broke his leg during the failed escape bid.

It is unclear why the man shot his accomplice or the circumstances surrounding the shooting.

Residents in the area reported that another staff member appeared to have been involved because one of the men who was detained was heard shouting he was set up. Police are investigating.

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