Berbice man killed after falls from truck

A 37 year old man was killed on Friday after he fell off a truck on the Bissaruni Trail, Upper Berbice River and his head was crushed by one of its wheels. The driver is in police custody.

Dead is Elvis Williams of Hururu Mission, Upper Berbice River. Stabroek News has been unable to contact any of the man’s relatives.

According to reports around 11.30am on Friday, Williams and a co-worker, Kenrick Adolph, 54, were travelling at the back of motor lorry GFF 5232 which was heading uphill along the trail when Williams fell while attempting to dodge a low-hanging tree branch.

The vehicle’s right rear wheel crushed the man’s head seconds later.

At the time of the accident, the employer Norvello La Rose, 37, was driving while Williams’s wife Stacy Roberts was seated next to him. Reports are that Williams has two children.

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