Minibus conductor remanded over assault on policeman

A minibus conductor was remanded to prison yesterday when he appeared before Acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson charged with unlawfully assaulting a policeman.

Andrew Vickram, 22, of 129 ‘G’ Strathspey, East Coast Demerara is charged with unlawfully assaulting Faizal Mohamed, a policeman in uniform on April 24 at Cornhill Street.

Attorney-at-law  Mohamed Zafar, who represented Vickram, told the court that his client has no antecedent and on the day in question in a defensive move he accidentally caused the policeman’s hat to fall.

He added that Mohammed had tried to pull Vickram out of a minibus, in the process ripping his shirt and his actions can be deemed as defensive.

Mohamed told the court that on the day in question he was performing his duties when he pulled over the bus which was being conducted by Vickram.

He said he told the driver to empty the bus and go to the station for being in violation of a parking code. Vickram allegedly began cursing and pointing his finger in Mohamed’s face. He reportedly told the driver to “drive away”.

The policeman added that Vickram chucked him and pulled off his hat.

Police Prosecutor Inspector Stephen Telford asked for bail to be refused and an early trial date set. Telford said Vickram assaulted a policeman in uniform, and prevented him from executing his duties.

He said assaults on police officers should not be condoned and asked the court to send a strong message as a deterrent to future wrongdoers.

Bail was refused and the matter was transferred to Court 10 for tomorrow.

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