Food for the Poor $80M housing project set for completion in June

Food for the Poor (Guyana) Inc (FFTP) in collaboration with the Roetheli’s Lil’ Red Foundation of the United States, has commenced a third housing project in Region Two, which is set for completion by the end of June.

So far, 25 houses have been completed and the beneficiaries will be families currently living under poor housing conditions from the Mainstay, Tapakuma and Lima Sands areas, a press release from Food for the Poor stated.

The project named Princeville Housing Project will consist of 65 two-bedroom houses along with sanitation blocks and a community centre which will have a library and two skills training areas. There will also be a trade store while the existing building of the Lake Mainstay Primary School will be extended and renovated.

Additionally, there will be installation of pipelines to allow the residents to have easy access to water from the current well and self-sustainable projects will be put in place, including plant and animal husbandry, to empower the beneficiaries.

Two villages (Lil’ Red Village and Onderneeming Sand Pit, Essequibo Coast, and New Haven Village, Siriki, Pomeroon River were previously done by the Roetheli’s who pride themselves on carrying out the teachings of the Lord on earth.

FFTP’s contribution to housing in Amerindian and other villages has been significant and this current project is the third being built in Amerindian areas and the fifth of its kind in Guyana, the release said.

Food for the Poor project personnel recently met some of the beneficiaries who expressed their deep gratitude.

They also conveyed gratitude for the Roetheli’s and their kindness to them.

Village Councillor Joel Pearson, who spoke on behalf of the villagers, also reiterated their gratitude.

FFTP (Guy) Inc is a non-governmental, charitable organization that relies heavily on the public and their generous donations whether monetary or in kind. Founded in 1991, the organisation has grown and has moved from the provision of basic items to the empowerment of people, the release added.

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