Guyanese gets five years for having sex, fathering child with BVI minor

Dellon Williams

The Guyanese man who, last month, was found guilty by a nine-member jury of having sex with an underage girl and fathering a child with her was yesterday sentenced to five years in prison by British Virgin Islands (BVI) High Court Judge Rita Olivetti.

According to the BVI Platinum News the child was under 16 when Dellon Williams had sex with her but she is now 17 years old.

The news report said that in mitigation Williams’ lawyer, Stephen Daniels told the court that his client was tricked and lied to by the complainant who said that she was 17 years old at the time.

However, Justice Olivetti pointed out that evidence produced in court revealed that Williams flattered the minor and seduced her.

Late last year, Williams had pleaded guilty to the charge after a paternity test proved that he was the father of the teenager´s child, but a few days later he changed his plea to not guilty.

The prosecution had stated that Williams had unlawful sexual intercourse with the complainant while she was under the age of 16, which resulted in her being pregnant.

The facts of the case, as reported in news report, Williams had invited the complainant, who was his friend, to his home some time before or after 11 April, 2008.

The complainant went to the man´s home and she was then invited into his bedroom.

It was then he started kissing the child and then proceeded to take off both of their clothing. At that point the child put up some resistance but Williams still proceeded to have sexual intercourse with her.

After the ordeal the child did not inform her parents about the rape.

However, sometime in October of the same year her parents noticed that she was not menstruating and took her to the doctor the following month where it was confirmed that she was eight months pregnant.

The child then related what had transpired with Williams and a report was made and he was arrested.

When arrested the police said the Guyanese stated: “We did not have sex.

I attempted to but I constrained myself when I think she was only my friend and I didn’t want anything to happen to her. I respect her family. This [is] not true what she is saying”.

Williams has two small children in Guyana who he takes care of, as well as his mother, his lawyer said.

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