Lindeners urged to work together for progress

– as town week launched

Lindeners were on Sunday charged to work together to make the town a better place as activities for the Town Week were officially declared open at the Linden minibus park.

Nursery school pupils who thrilled the audience with their physical display.

A march pass preceded the opening ceremony which saw the participation of the Linden Constabulary, the police, Central Mackenzie Scouts, Pathfinders and various secondary schools. The salute was taken by Interim Management Committee Chairman Orin Gordon, Town Clerk Patrick Ennis and a member of the first Town Week Committee Gillian Persaud.

Prime Minister Samuel Hinds, performing the duties of president, was among those who brought greetings to residents. Hinds was singled out as one of the persons in government who played a supportive role in the town’s drive for diversification.

Chairman of the Linden Fund USA, Dr Vincent Adams, who delivered the feature address, charged residents to work together to make Linden a better place, alluding to the significance of much anticipated heavy flow of traffic through the town with the advent of the Takutu Bridge. He spoke at length of the efforts being made by overseas-based Guyanese who, through the Linden Fund and other organizations have been pooling resources to give back to the Linden community.

A section of the mammoth crowd at the opening ceremony.

IMC Chairman Orin Gordon told participants that on the occasion of the town’s fortieth anniversary it was appropriate for residents to examine how far they have com, how much they have embedded in the town’s collective consciousness and how much there is to do to make the town of Linden a modern city.

“Let no one tell you that we have not grown,” he said. “Let no one tell you it was not painful. Let no one tell you that we have not picked up bad habits along the way. These are all the travails one encounters if one wants to make progress.” He added that people with an identity are always imbued with the sprit of enterprise, a vision for development and moving with the prevailing times.

Gordon used the occasion to point out some of the reasons which may have been responsible for the stifled progress of the town. He said the main local government organs have enjoyed a period of cordial and positive relations over the past six years that many felt was impossible. “It is this level of national good that is absent which is responsible for local government elections not coming off. I exhort all the players here to ensure that we get local government elections this year and no later because de people tired ah seein we faces and need to elect dey leaders,” he added

Praises were showered on overseas-based Guyanese for their unstinting and never say die attitude to their born land. It was noted that there was no question about their role and benevolence in the town’s development.

The celebrations to mark the 40th anniversary of the town continue thoughout this week with a long list of activities including the Linden Expo, which is expected to draw the participants from around the world. There would also be the much anticipated Miss Big and Bold and Miss Linden Town Week pageants to be held on Wednesday and Saturday respectively.

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