Teen granted $150,000 bail for armed robbery

Lennox Westford, 17, was yesterday placed on $150,000 bail after he pleaded not guilty to the charge that he robbed a man of a portable printer at knife-point.

Westford appeared before Magistrate Hazel Octive-Hamilton at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court. He denied that on April 23, he used a knife to rob Ramnarine Seeta of $2,000 in cash and a PDA printer, valued $110,000, the property of Edward B. Beharry and Company.

His lawyer, Mohamed Zafar, asked for bail, while noting Westford’s age. He said he had no previous convictions and added that it would not be a good idea to place him among hardened criminals.

The prosecution made no objections to bail but requested that it should be granted in a substantial amount.

The case is to be called again on May 14.

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