‘Mistake’ caused section of new stelling to sink

– Benn

Contractors working on a roll-on, roll-off stelling at Good Hope/ Supenaam are currently correcting a mistake made during the recent installation of a flotation unit, which caused a section of it to sink.

Transport and Hydraulics Minister Robeson Benn told this newspaper  yesterday that during the installation of one of the new flotation units earlier this week, those doing the installation removed parts known as “scow ends” since they assumed that these parts were not necessary.

According to the minister this was a mistake since the scow ends play an important role in keeping the device afloat.

As a result, during high tides part of the new unit flooded and sank.

Benn, however, stressed that this is nothing to be alarmed about since the water is being pumped out and new scow ends will be attached. The minister told this newspaper that the problem is very close to being corrected.

The contract for the construction of the roll-on, roll-off stelling was awarded to BK International. According to the company’s website, it was granted the contract of $574,251,868 in March 2006 to construct the new stelling as well as to rehabilitate the “marketing centre wharf at Charity.”

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