Forty persons charged with littering – City Council

The Mayor and City Council (MCC) said 40 persons have been charged with littering over the last few days and it again urges the public to refrain from the wanton disposal of refuse.

In a press release the MCC said ranks from the City Constabulary are staking out litterbugs in certain sections of the main commercial areas.

This is part of a wider awareness, education and enforcement campaign to reduce litter in the city by 30% over the next three months.

The council remains troubled by the continued wanton disposal of garbage including wrappings, Styrofoam boxes, bottles and cans which often end up in canals. Refuse clogs drains and is a public health hazard.

The MCC said it had suggested to corporations that they feature environmentally friendly messages on their packaging materials to educate the public about the dangers of littering, to no avail.

However, it said its environmental health officers have intensified their activities and will again host talks with business owners.

It also intends to meet owners who often dump commercial waste in the receptacles that line the pavements and those who pay indigent persons to dump their waste “wherever they see space”.

The MCC will also meet local community leaders to encourage them to take responsibility for the state of their environment.

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