Jagdeo’s commitment to a sustainable environment is his most significant legacy


FITUG extends felicitations to President Bharrat Jagdeo on being a recipient of UNEP’s 2010 Champion of the Earth awards; saying his most significant legacy would be his role in safeguarding the environment.

In a press release FITUG said it is fitting that in this May week for workers to recognise Jagdeo’s commitment to maintaining a standing sustainable forest within a Low Carbon Development Strategy.

As Jagdeo “prepares to culminate his 12-year presidency next year, it is manifestly obvious that one of his most significant legacies would be his national and international role in the global struggle to safeguard the lungs of Planet Earth,” the release said.

FITUG said when the award was bestowed on the president in South Korea last week, “he was making an indelible footprint in the global landscape both for himself and all of Guyana.” The group said too this recognition by UNEP etches Jagdeo’s contribution into the status of international statesman across the globe as he is now hailed “as a protagonist for a cleaner planet with less pollution, more green and even more food.”

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