Brothers charged with stealing cow

Two brothers were each granted $70,000 bail when they appeared before acting Chief Magistrate Melissa Robertson yesterday, charged with the larceny of cattle.

Festus Atkinson and Norbert Atkinson, both farmers of South Central Rupununi, Region 9, denied the charge that on April 27, at Miermur Ranch, South Rupununi, they stole a heifer valued at $85,000. The cow was the property of Kenneth Fredericks.

The duo was represented by attorney Pamela De Santos. She told the court that on the day in question, Norbert was drunk and mistook Fredricks’ animal for one of his own and slaughtered it.  She added that Festus had no part in the matter.

The attorney indicated to the court that her client has offered to either compensate Fredricks or to replace the animal with one of his own.  Due to the absence of Fredricks, a resolution could not be had.

The prosecutor did not object to the granting of bail. The brothers were granted bail and the matter was then transferred to the Lethem Magistrates’ Court for June 1.

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